Below are some of the more frequently asked questions I hear .. 

  1. What firmware version does the flight enhancement service work with?
    - All Mavic firmware versions up to .900 for Mavic work, but .800/.900 does not support flight area restriction removal.
  2. Does this work on Phantom 4 as well?
    - Yes. Some parameters are different, but most options are supported. 
  3. Does this work on Spark?
    - Yes. Some parameters are different, but most options are supported.
  4. How fast are the modes? (Note, speed below is in zero wind, or with the wind)
    - Sport+: Up to 52 mph forward; 22 mph up / 18 mph down (stock speed is 42mph forward)
    - GPS+: Up to 39/40 mph forward; 14/15 mph up / 13 mph down (stock speed is 32mph forward)
    - mOA+: Up to 29/30 mph forward; 14/15 mph up / 13 mph down (stock speed is 22mph forward)
  5. Can you remove the wind warnings? How is it done?
    - Yes, we can prevent the high wind warnings. We set the wind threshold to a level that cannot be triggered, rendering the warnings gone. Fly safe, do not fly in high wind. Use this app for wind forecast: https://windyapp.co/
  6. What is the auto landing speed change?
    In stock configuration, if the Mavic battery goes to 10% (critically low battery warning state) it lands your aircraft. It does this by descending at a 3mph rate when in this state. You can fight the forced landing, but it uses valuable battery percentage to maintain altitude. This change will set the autoland descending rate to 0mph, essentially rendering it useless. You will be notified of auto landing and low battery, but it won't force you down. If you hit 10% battery, YOU NEED TO LAND, even if you have this change.
  7. Do you have firmware updates for Phantom 3?
    - YES! I offer custom services for the p3!
  8. Do you modify DJI controllers?
    - No, I'm sorry I do not. Contact http://www.maxxuav.com for all your antenna needs. 
  9. Windows or Mac? 
    - We support both Windows and Mac customers.
  10. Where is the TeamViewer download?
    TeamViewer  download is here
  11. Where is the VMWare download?
    - You can download the VMWare trial here
  12. What kind of external batteries can i run with the Mavic?
    - You can use most any 3s lipo or lihv battery on the market. Multistar are very compatible.
  13. Whats the best battery to add with the battery mod for Mavic?
    - I like Multistar 3000mah 3s lihv batteries. I run two, they are light and work very well. For a list of batteries, please check here.
  14. Where do I go for more help?
    Check out RCGroups. Its an amazing community of really smart people who are allowed to openly discuss the RC community, including DJI aircraft. RCGroups
  15. How do I contact you?
    Please email me at flyflydrones@gmail.com
  16. What is your refund policy?
    There are no refunds on any services sold on the site.
  17. What is your bitcoin?
    bitcoin: 1NVEQv4hoYpJrkDnM59sQQ7CN2zUBqXk7W